Is sensitivity a good thing.

If you closely just sit and observe your thoughts,you may seem to observe an energy pattern that connects all your experiences.For example the person whom you may love may have a greater influence on your energies.But be cautious cause when you are on the spiritual path you need to be very much careful about the thoughts you may have about any person.

The energy system here acts a mediator to boost your seeking to the infinite.Sometimes you often feel that your energy systems have been imbalanced but actually these acts as a shock to increase the intensity of your silence or meditation.

You need to carefully observe what is influencing you the most now .Obseve the pattern im which you are influenced.What benefits are you getting??


The energy system are a duplicate because they are just a layer .When you reach the infinite you are not dwelling on the energy systems anymore.

Energy systems when well act great but when imbalanced effect more greatly.You may feel that your while body shakes terribly from inside but the next moment you feel that you have a got a step deeper into that existence.

If you keenly observe where and how your energy fluctuates ,you can easily master your future,destiny.

Even the place where you visit,has a certain amount of energy and calling linked with it.

The most beautiful thing is when we link this pieces of energy and understand our evolution towards this process.