This article will be the most creative presentation of my ideas.This ideas are based upon the reality that i experience and are not any fiction.All the immortal beings which i have experienced when i was in the state of nothingness are a sort of suspense for me because they don’t speak anything.They express their gratitude indirectly.But all the gurus i felt were when i was meditating on my own self .For eg when i was sitting and just looking at my shadow i saw one face which also helped me open my third eye chakra.

The recent which one is the when i was just sitting and looking myself in the t.v. A sudden feeling came to me as that there was an another Krutarth who was looking into the t.v but was from another dimension.The most beautiful thing was the way i connected to it. When i was conscious the krutarth from another side became active .It was looking like a channel was being formed between both of us.

When the krutarth got connected to infinite ,the krutarth from another dimension started guiding him.There were 1-2 faces of the higher self which potrayed on the other krutarth’s face.As usual i got frustrated as i could not understand as they did not say me anything.

But a different phenomenon was noticed which was when i went into into the state of nothingness or when i was connected he ,the other krutarth guided.

His aura was visible in majestic form.