The power of eclipse

Often It is said that an eclipse can shake off your mind and marks the positive beginning of some new era.

The fact is that on 26 December was the Solar eclipse .Before one day of eclipse that is on 25 i dont know but i started crying oit intensely.I didnt know but i was developing a profound sense that this world is becoming more fake day by day.I was just busy sleeping that day and didnt feel like eating.

The next day when i woke up i suddenly got still and was recieving intuitive messages to meditate.Then i sat down and meditated.

I slept during my meditation but was still awake.

This was the purest form of consciousness which was sparkling through me.

Consciousness can be manifested in a thousand ways but the fact is that which is the purest way in which you manifest it

I understood that i had now gone a step above in my journey .I could just clearly visualise my body as it was shedding out.

I could now seperate my body at a higjer level than before.I was the most happiest that i could now sleep in the infinite.

But what was the debt that i did pay to attain this amount of progress.Read the next one to know more….

Now i was now inti