Know the closest route to consciousness.

Ever heard of the 5 elements that play an important role in our existence.They are air,water,fire,soil,ether.The more in touch with these elements you are the more your path seems to be clearer.I will be explaining in these articles how to get more closer to these elements.Lets start with the element air.


The quality that air has is it can merge with anything.If you breathe in air and think you are liberated you will be.Because your air that you breathe has such a potential that it can directly merge with your prana .The air that you breathe in will never be converted to breathe out .Such is the power to merge of the element air.The air doesnt remain that old air anymore.Thats why in in vedas we usually say that your breathe has actually the potential to transforn you completely.

If you are intense than you will be breathing your materialistic air in the form of air and if you are lucky you could feel that electric force going inside your nose.


Ether is such a dimension which is a bit foggy one .If you are present in the conscious state just like the fog light you would see something like fog around you.

Thats the etheric dimension and yes you are present in it.Actually it is the dimension where transformation takes place .

Etheric dimension is such a dimension where you are given the necessary space to transform yourself.

Its the subtle dimension in a physical world which is and can be easily manifested .Once you are in touch with this dimension you cant see the physical as it is anymore .There will be a scene manifested in your mind .

The problem with etheric dimension is that it manifests only in the mind .It cant take you directly to your inner consciousness .It can just project it. It would be better to say that we reach the etheric dimension as soon as we manifest the inner god.

All demigods reside in these dimension and transform humans through it.For eg my transformation took first place through this dimension.The appearance of that divine energy first took place in these dimension.