Wanna master destiny .Part-2

Now lets again analyse the fact that destiny is such a force which were created after the subtle force of consciousness was.

Means we can imagine it to be a model where we have a hard tennis ball. The hard tennis ball is the perfect example of consciousness.It is of colours from outside .There are balls of many colours available.The ball may be striped from outside or may have varying patterns.

The real fact is that every ball is empty from inside .

This is the real depth of the ball that everyone needs to understand.The ball may get covered with dirt as it rolls down the land.Or it may be hitten by a bat.But the real nature of ball is that it is nothing from inside .If the ball understands that it is nothingness manifested,then it may suffer but may not really suffer as it has now become aware of its real nature.

Same is the case with Rahul .He was also hit but by a girl.Now he would feel that he is nothing after the girl left him.Thats good he is close to manifesting consciousness.As nothingness is a part of consciousness.

Thats why often people catch consciousness when they have lost everything or have nothing to loose more in the world.

Understand the fact that the more conscious you get,means the more pure you and have a good grip over subtle forces like destiny,anger, happiness etc.

That day would be called a day when a man can could clearly analyse his delusions.

Now lets do a duty everyday.After the day ends analyse all the situations that happened with you.Try to link it with consciousness. Did you feel all that was created by you.If not then practice it everyday until you feel that destiny is shaped by your own consciousness.