Wanna master Destiny. Part-1

Lets start simply with a story.There was a young boy named Rahul ,was into his teen age.He started to fall in love with a girl named Shreya.Now shreya also fell in love with rahul.Both were now in a good position.

But as time went they developed a misunderstanding between them and they seperated.This hurt deeply to Rahul and Shreya as their was a time when they had experience d the second greatest feeling in this Universe after consciousness that is love….

Now the problem developed was that now Rahul started questioning his destiny as to why this had happened to me only…..

Now i would answer this question.

What thing was their of Rahul that he started questioning it…..

Was destiny created by Rahul that he questioned it. Now the scene of breakup was continuously dwelled by his subconscious mind for all the day.

Now the new problem was that his mind started to control him…..

The problem with 99 % of the people who live in this so called world is that they have never given themselves space to think with their conscious mind .Actually problem is also with the conscious mind as it also does not play an active role in the mind .It has to be made active.

The conscious mind believes in living in the moments and can be manifested only in moments .

So if you think that your conscious mind may work for whole day ,it may not as it requires a lot training.The conscious mind pleads for only one thing that is to increase your consciousness. Once you are touched by consciousness life may not remain the same .Its just the question of that moment.

Once you figure out consciousness in your own body you can but a little bit figure out destiny As you will feel that you are supervising events . As you figure out destiny you feel that every event that happens to you is making you reach towards the infinite.

You need to get a level above of your own self to supervise your own self .