How nature teaches you to be your own master

To be your own master means to be the creator.Lets start it it with my experience of the canteen k at nirma University.Its such a place where calmness can be felt.Where calmness comes i come.

Often i sit there and just here their talks and watch them moving .Then after 5 minutes i feel they all move but they do not really move.Such a point comes where i see them walking and talking but i am not attached to them.I clearly visualise that scene and remain unattached and unaffected.

After another 5 minutes i clearly feel that the whole scene resides inside me .The whole phenomenon is inside my body.Wow what a feel it is .

Another example is of connection with my moon.I was just meditating and suddenly i felt that i could just concentrate and push my body strongly with pranic forces inside.I felt that i could withdraw my forces on my own without the help of anyone else.Means i am progressing little by little every day.Because i could create my own force.

You should master the trick of withdrawing all the pranic forces of body into a single poimt.Thats when you achieve something