Be Intense……

This article will basically contain two parts .First part will be basically on defining how to inculcate intensity .The second part will basically about my personal experiences with this specific term called INTENSITY.

What is the trick to become more and more intense.Now intensity has also various meanings.Intensity does not always mean to be intense with the work you are doing .Intensity just means becoming more and more aware.

Become aware of yourself more and more with intensity.

Now the question is to how to get touched by the life which is surrounding you.Theres a simple trick to do this.Become aware of the things that make you aware.For eg let us take the example of a tree.Tree( A Beautiful One) is such a thing that will be highlighted in your brain without your brain noticing for it.Such things will help you increaing awareness.

Once you are into this process everything will appear you to be pleasant such as your own living room,sofa,every small thing such as stone.Eventually you will feel connected.Connected but with whom?

Its your continously expanding consciousness.

Basically my journey had also started with intensity .To me intensity was provided by the divine mother ,which i will describe in other posts.

Such should be the intensity to become aware….

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