Be the creator of your own light rather than perceiving it outside.

The biggest question is how to stay connected with the universe.How to stay 24 hour awake in the sea of consciousness.Its simple you need to do just a a simple experiment.Lets take the example of a tree,especially bamboo.The source of creation of bamboo and humans were the same .But how can we experience it.Just feel the bamboo inside the human body .Thats simple you are connected.

The next concept that will directly connect you to the existence is feeling the light of creation within you.

Who is the creator .Is it a form.No it is a formless identity manifested as a pure light.

If you can imagine youself as a light you will be easily connected to the creator.Imagine your body as just as a light .The more you can connect and visualise your inner light,the more aware you get.

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